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3rd Pentacle of Saturn

Third Pentacle of Saturn

Protection from Bad Spirits and Intrigues of others

The Third Pentacle of Saturn is a good seal to carry around to defend yourself from the plots against you hatched by others. It is also an excellent talisman to repel evil spirits.

From top moving clock wise contains the names of angels who will help you to defend yourself from people or spirits. The angels are:

Omliel (עמליאל): This angel will help bind other spirits that are trying to harm you.

Anachiel (אנחיאל): This angel will help you with the people who are trying to harm you. It is also a good angel for those who are shy.

Arauchia (ארוכיה): This angel will help you detect and protect you from the lies and betrayals of others.

Anatzchia (אנצחיה): This angel is used as an enhancement to the other angels.

In the image below a Dvine name in YHWH Elohim was added in Angelic script, an appropriate addition to this Pentacle which is related to the Sefirah Binah.

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