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The 10 Sefirot, a Guide to Human consciousness

The Ten Sefirot, a Guide to Human Consciousness

 Most people think that when it comes to the discussion of the Sefirot, we are talking about some type of an external reality, about something about God. This is a fundamental mistake.  A lesson that is learned from quantum physics is that everything in our entire experience is perceived within the realm of human perception. Human perception is human consciousness. Everything that we know about God is experienced within human consciousness. Everything outside human consciousness does not exist for us because it is outside of anything of which we could be conscious of, and that is why the essence of God is always referred to as Ayin Sof ( אין סוף) the Unknowable essence. All that we can know about God is that which we can perceive about God.

The pattern of the 10 Sefirot is made very clear in Isaac Luria’s (the Ari) literature, is called the Vessels (Kelim). God is the light within, and the sefirot are the vessels without. The vessels are categorized into different structures interaction called Partzufim (personifications, masks), and the function of a mask is to conceal that which is underneath – the true face. We as humans are the ones who gaze upon a masks of God, we gaze upon the Partzufim. Whether it is the Partzuf (singular form of Partzufim, mask) of Zeir Anpin (Small Face), or Nok (also known as Nokva, daughter, the feminine), or Abbah (Father) or Immah (Mother) or Arich Anpin (the Long Face), all of these Partzufim are perceived within the context of human consciousness….and that is the secret.  Everything about the Sefirot is inside us.

The 10 Sefirot are a pattern of understanding human consciousness. They are a pattern of understanding our human personalities. The 10 Sefirot are a pattern of understanding our human interactions with ourselves and others.

Every day we go through life and we have struggles. Every single day we are inundated with doubts, fears, insecurities, and questions.  What do we know, and how do we know? The ultimate inner awareness is that which is called Da’at (knowledge). Remember, before you can get to the Etz Chaiim (Tree of Life), there is first the Etz Ha’Da’at Tov Ve’Rah (Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil). Knowledge has a good side and a bad side depending how it is applied. So when we talk about knowledge, the semi-Sefirah Da’at is a place of inner knowing where in which that which we know intuitively, and that which we know rationally, merges into an inner conviction which reveals itself in the heart, the Sefirah Tiferet. That is why the Biblical word for coupling of a man and his wife is always Le’Da’at (to know), as it says in the Bible “…and Adam knew his wife Eve” – an intimate, personal, raw, fully integrated inner awareness.

The Sefirot and the Partzufim are also divided into what is called the Four Worlds. These worlds are given the names Atzilut (emanation), Beriah (creation), Yetzirah (formation), Assiyah (action, physical). These four worlds are 4 levels of consciousness.  The Atzilut world corresponds to what is called the imaginative consciousness. The Beriah world corresponds to the rational intellectual consciousness. The Yetzirah world corresponds to the emotional consciousness. The Assiyah world corresponds to the physical mundane stuff consciousness.

We all go through all 4 stages in all times through our lives. But here is the secret, the pattern of the Sefirot are to show us what is called Sulam Aliyah (the ladder [path] of ascent). Essentially, by understanding the Sefirotic pattern, psychologically, not philosophically, not academically, but internally, it teaches us what we need to do to grow, to mature, and to evolve individually as human beings.

We start at Malchut which is the physical level and all things around us what we know and understand. It requires of us a proper bonding, balance and alignment in this physical world. It is very unfortunate that most people never accomplish even that much.

Proper balance and alignment in this world requires of us a happy proper sanctity with your partner - male – female, your soul mate. That is step one. Then we go through all the emotional turmoil’s of all the emotions to the right, to the left, to the center, and all of that is a process of our maturation. Once the person is emotionally mature, emotionally balanced, emotionally grounded, and emotionally stable, they can ascend into a higher realm - intellectual contemplation, rational clarification and thought – Beriatic consciousness, in which you can gaze out upon the world, and see and understand. That is why this realm is called the Supernal Mother because the Supernal Mother is none other than the power of the mind. And within the Supernal Mother, behind her, embracing her, loving her, is the Supernal Father. The Sefirah Chochmah – otherwise known as Atzilutic consciousness – the imaginative faculty of the mind.

When the imaginative and rational (the Chochmah and Binah, Abba and Immah) are all merged into what is called Sehel Tenudah (oscillating consciousness back and forth) a complete integration of mind which leads to awareness and inner knowledge, which speaks to your heart, stabilizing your emotions, establishing you in the world and enabling you to rise to the Keter above transcending all below to experience that which is above.

This is a psychological process within, and so when we come to understand the Sefirot, the worlds, the Partzufim and their proper internal psychological application, we learn about ourselves. We learn about the nature of the inner image of God within us. The Bible does say we are created in the image of God which is speaking about our energetic essences – who and what we are as human beings. This is the most important thing for us to recognize. In this we are all “one”. We are each a spark of a reflection of the holy name YHWH (יהוה)

So now, with all that was said above, let’s put this all into practice. Most of the Keys of Solomon apparel contain God’s ineffable name YHWH (יהוה ). Choose any of the apparels you feel connected to or with regardless if it has the name of God YHWH (יהוה ) or not. The designs and the Pentacles themselves will permeate and be absorbed by the subconscious mind. During meditation, the “powers” or better to say, the archetypes of the pentacles within the subconscious mind will be awaked by the meditation below and will surround the individual with an aura of the Divine presence (Shekhinah, Kundalini). The name of God YHWH (יהוה ) is not Jahova, it’s not Yawehe. It does not have any vowels we apply to it for a reason. The original vowels pronunciation will be provided in the instructions below. The reason it is known as ineffable is because the concept which it represents goes beyond anything we can possibly understand within the limitations or our present perception of human consciousness. The name of God YHWH (יהוה ) means “Being in action”, sentience, consciousness itself, and therefore we use the name of God YHWH (יהוה ) as a meditation device.

  1. Sit quietly in a comfortable spot with a lit candle to create a space for meditation. Focus on the four letters of God (יהוה )
  1. Visualize the name of God (יהוה ), just like it says in Psalm 16:8 “I place God before me, always
  1. Do the Pranayama breathing technique. Take a deep breath into the stomach as the stomach expands as much as you can. Hold it for 2 seconds, and upon exhalation chant the OM sound with a long and deep extended sound – AAAAAUUUUUUMMMMM as your stomach contracts, until no air is left. This will clear all mental thoughts and open the 3rd eye (Agya Chakra). You may want to do this step a few times before proceeding if you still feel that your mind is full of thoughts. It is best to proceed to the next step when the mind is clear of all thoughts.
  1. Do the Pranayama breathing technique again. Take a deep breath into the stomach as the stomach expands as much as you can. Hold it for 2 seconds, and upon exhalation visualize the letter Yod (י ) and chant Yoooooooooo with a long and deep extended sound, as your stomach contracts, until no air is left.
  1. Repeat the Pranayama breathing technique again. Take a deep breath into the stomach as the stomach expands as much as you can. Hold it for 2 seconds, and upon exhalation visualize the letters Heh Wav, Heh (הוה ) and chant Hehhhh (long sound),  Waaaaah, Hehhhh (long sound) with a long and deep extended sound, as your stomach contracts, until no air is left, all in one breath.
  1. You may repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 as much as you’d like.
  1. Once done, sit in silence, in thoughtless and meditate for as long as you feel that you need.

Once done, sit quietly and keep an awareness of your experience. It is this experience that will speak to you from your inner recesses and guide you along the way.

This meditation is not structured, but merely a technique that works and invokes the power of the Keys of Solomon. Feel free to modify any of the meditative steps to make your own variation of the technique to suite your comfort. Seek your own path to enlightenment with the tools of the Keys of Solomon apparel. God is within us all equally. Choose your path with wisdom, but understand one thing, how can God talk to you if you yourself do not know who you are? Activate the name of God within you. Allow it to speak to your mind, to your consciousness, to enlighten you and make you aware. This will bring you to a state of peace, harmony and balance. To those who want to connect to your higher self (a spiritual guide), these are the steps to your path. To those who wish to understand the Sefirot, this is your way. For those who want to connect with God, this is it.

The Zen Shadows clothing line was designed for that exact purpose in mind – to assist the individual with the connection to the Divine by awakening their own inner recesses through meditation and contemplation of these holy Pentacles. Take advantage of this unique experience to active the inner voice within.  Listen to your inner voice, seek and experience for yourself.

Understand with wisdom and be wise with understanding.