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The First Supernal Pentacle

The First Supernal Pentacle


Overall protection, abundance, and cultivation of intuition and psyche. 

This is the Supreme Pentacle of Solomon and is attributed to the Sefirah Keter, the Crown (Sahastrarah) Chakra. Meditating on this pentacle will bring its owner enhanced psychic and intuitive abilities, overall protection and a deeper understanding into the inner workings of the Divine.

The pentacle contains all the Sefirot of the Tree of Life within it, listed from top to down, appropriately associated with the the Crown chakra which contains all the Sefirot stemming from within itself.

Encircling the pentacle are the Hebrew alphabet which looked upon as the building blocks of creation due to its mathematical properties (gematria) and its mapping to nature and the human gnome. Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation) describes a meditation called the 231 Gates where each Hebrew letter is permutated with one another in a meditative state in order to achieve ecstatic state of enlightenment. 

In the image below a Dvine name in Eheye Asher Eheye (I Shall be That I Shall Be) was added in Angelic script, an appropriate addition to this Pentacle which is related to the Sefirah Keter (Crown chakra).

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