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Welcome to Zen Shadow Creations.  The brainchild of George Grinberg, Zen Shadow Creations seeks to motivate people to seek spiritual and divine enlightenment in order to elevate consciousness and live a joyous lifeClick here to see our designs.

Every piece of our Keys of Solomon clothing line is custom made and of the highest quality available.  They embody the Talisman Keys and serve as a meditative tool to invoke the internal archetypes within all individuals for one purpose - to unify and expand consciousness and awareness, rather than create incensed intolerable divisions.  The purpose of ZenShadows’ Keys of Solomon apparel is to explore one's inner self, and to discover, and unleash one's inner, latent potentials and provide every garment with spiritual protection.

We encourage you to discover your limitless potential, freedom and growth by contemplating the symbols worn on our apparel and attaining divine consciousness and spiritual protection.

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