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Who is Zen Shadow Creations?

The brainchild of Ave Harkness and George Grinberg, Zen Shadow Creations seeks to motivate people to seek spiritual and divine enlightenment in order to elevate consciousness and live a joyous life. 

The name of the company originated out of George's desire to merge the best of the Eastern mysticism (ZEN) with the best of the West Esoteric Kabbalah tradition (Shadows).  Ave Harkness introduced their first collection - Shadows - which focuses on the different pentacles of the Key of Solomon and provides not only a high quality piece of clothing to be worn, but also serves as a powerful archetypal meditative tool for the Mystic Practitioner.

 Every piece of the Keys of Solomon clothing line is custom made and embodies   one  unique Talisman Key, serving as   a meditative tool to invoke the internal   archetypes within all individuals.  The purpose?  To unify and expand   consciousness and awareness, rather than   create incensed intolerable divisions.  

 George states that the purpose of the Keys of Solomon apparel is "to explore   one's  inner self, and to discover,   and unleash one's inner, latent potentials and provide every garment with   spiritual protection".


The Shadows Collection

The current Shadows Collection consists an ever growing line of the Keys of Solomon pentacles in Four (4) hoodies styles per pentacle,  and one (1) T-Shirts style.

Ave is planning to expand the collection in the very near future to cover not only all the Keys of Solomon, but also many other Pentacles found within the Western Esoteric Mystery Traditions. More on this in the weeks to come.

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So Why Should This Interest You?

Ave & George's passion for enlightening others is demonstrated not only in the attention they pay to the quality of the clothing line, but also to the community they are building.

Every Clothing Owner becomes a member of a very unique, private Zen Shadows Tribe in which fellowship and expanded learning remains the focus.  Teachings on the Kabbalah and insights into the overlap between Kabbalistic teachings and the Keys are just one of the ways in which George shares his 20 plus years of study and practice with other seekers.

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Why I Recommend Zen Shadows Clothing Line

When doing research on this product line, I came across many other clothing companies that claimed to have designs that were based on the Keys of Solomon.  However none were as uniquely designed and of the quality of Zen Shadows Creations. And none, for sure offered the learning and growth opportunities presented by Zen Shadows. For an example of the ever growing blog library of learnings available, click here to read any of the posts.

I contacted Ava & George and found them to be very humble and kind - focused on simply sharing their passion for mysticism and determined to continue to provide top quality clothing and talismans for years to come.

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